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ZUHAIR MURAD Spring/Summer RTW 2015

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My god, I’ve got to get some sort of tarot commissions of all four of my mains: Elissa, Ria, Vrania, and after the game comes out and I have a final design for her, Mika.

I don’t think that spider was a brown recluse, and if it was it was a juvenile, but it looked awfully fucking close. What spider? Oh, just the one that fell out of my fucking towels when I grabbed them after my shower. Thank god it did fall out, and I’ve done a thorough check and no other spiders were present.

Normally, I leave spiders alone if they aren’t directly bothering me, but if I’m wrong and it was a recluse, I don’t want the cats finding and hunting it. That said I had no choice but to wash it down the drain.

I’m sorry, Mr. Spider. :(



Four dragons hatched 10/21/2014:


#7161251 Ridgeback Male, Navy Speckle/Navy Undercurrent/Teal Underbelly

#7161252 Pearlcatcher Female, Navy Speckle/Sky Eye Spots/Teal Underbelly

#7161253 Ridgeback Female, Navy Speckle/Stonewash Undercurrent/Teal Underbelly

#7161254 Pearlcatcher Female, Navy Speckle/Steel Eye Spots/Teal Underbelly

and another nest hatched today:


#7183761 Spiral Male Navy Ripple/Splash Current/Royal Smoke

#7183762 Spiral Male, Navy Ripple/Royal Current/Storm Smoke

All are for sale except #7183762 (thus no link) Hatchlings from 10/21 nest are 16K treasure, 1/3 off for FR and Tumblr friends. 

Hatchling #7183761 is 20K treasure, 1/3 off for Tumblr and FR friends. You can send me a trade request to cypheroftyr on FR. I only ask you don’t get them and auto exalt.

so much navy o.o

I couldn’t help myself and sent a request for the first spiral in the second nest. Signal boosting for the others, which were all quite tempting as well.

It’s a larger principle — the freedom every man, woman and child born in Thedas have as a natural right.

It’s a larger principle — the freedom every man, woman and child born in Thedas have as a natural right.

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I’m sorry to the OP and everyone who’s simply enjoying Kate; I’m stealing this post for Dragon Age. Considering they did more in DA2 to make Flemeth look like Kate Mulgrew, this just made me wonder about the legends about Flemeth in Ferelden. It’s most likely that they aren’t true, or at least that they weren’t her beginnings, but imagine if there was a young, noblewoman Flemeth, Lady of Highever, so in love with Osen that she fled her husband’s court to be with the poet. Might she have been so sweet as we see here? And then imagine the horror when she returns to Highever in good faith only to see her husband betray her and lock her away. The deals she’d have likely made, if merely a normal mage, though an apostate, would destroy the fair Lady Conobar of Highever here. Did she later destroy Morrigan’s mirror because vanity is a weakness, or as Leliana wonders at one point is she mourning her own lost beauty?

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….. o_0

This is the true evil in Thedas. Mother fucking wasps.



Hello, dear followers!

For some reason more than 2000 people decided to follow my blog, thank you so much for you support !

To commemorate this,  i’m giving away some of my art! Here goes:


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  • Giveaway ends on November 9th
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The prizes:

  • 1st prize: a full-body thing with a simple background of your choice
  • 2nd  and 3rd  prizes: couple waist-ups with a simple background of your choice
  • 4th  and 5th  prizes: waist-ups with my usual background
  • 6th and 7th   prizesbust-ups with my usual background

All pieces will be painted, fully colored  and in hi-res. (I won’t draw porn or violence!)

Good luck to everyone, and thank you again for your support!

No. There is space. I just find myself with a strong addiction to those cute, wide-eyed babies. I’m still waiting for like… all of mine to grow up. I lucked out and one of the ones I was given was close to adulthood, so I do have 3 grown dragons.

Okay, okay… Let me know if you change your mind, though. ^_~