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OC Song meme: Jessie J-Nobody's Perfect
brennacedria brennacedria Said:

Initial impressions from the video are completely of Vrania—there’s even one girl at the table with her preferred color and cut, though with V’s ability to change herself any and all of the guests at that table could have been there. “Nobody’s Perfect” isn’t exactly her mantra, though… because Vrania most certainly believes that she is. Also, apologies aren’t her thing. 

I thought for a moment about alt!Ria, and Anders, with both feeling like they’d let the other down. But that didn’t match either.

It’s going to take listening to the song a few more times, both with and without the video, plus reading the lyrics both with and without the music, but so far I have to go back to Vrania, because it doesn’t fit Elissa, Neria, Braelyn, even what I’m expecting out of Mika in the slightest. In that case, I’m going to say it’s a possible future for Inquisition-era Vrania, whether she’s the Inquisitor or not. She’s the only one who’s done enough harm, sometimes with good intentions and often without, to have so much to apologize for. Plus the imagery at the end of the video when the explosions begin behind the Jessie-J (I’m assuming? I’ve never heard or seen her before) is very reminiscent of the original intent I had for Vrania, something that if she succeeded it might suddenly sober her enough to realize what she’s done all this time.

TL;DR - potentialFuture!Vrania, during or post Inquisition, as Inquisitor or as a civilian apostate.

pierceaholic replied to your post: So… What do people do with their famil…

I think some people farm them for the little bit of treasure. I’m inclined to sell mine. If someone else buys your familiar it will no longer be maxed out. So for them, it could have a use.

That’s something to consider, then, about selling. Another reply said you lose the entry from your bestiary if you get rid of it, though. I mean, it won’t exactly be hard to get another Amaranth Moth if so, but still. :/





Send me a song title and artist.
I will listen/read the lyrics, and tell you which OC it applies to, and why.

Oh, I wanna play.

Ooooooh ooooh I want to play c:

I’m in. Any character, or variation on a character, that I’ve ever discussed is fair game though some characters will more likely have more fleshed out responses than others.

I’ve noticed this has been getting reblogged a bunch. Although I don’t know why I’m getting notified about it since I’m not the OP, I figure what the hell, I’ll play again. :)

So… What do people do with their familiars once they’ve maxed out? Other than bonding with them daily I couldn’t find any benefit to them, like bonuses in battle or anything for having them more loyal or to have certain familiars paired with certain dragon types. I ask cause my Amaranth Moth—my first familiar—maxed out this morning, and I don’t know what to do with it. Hold on to it for Swipp trades? Sell it? But if any one actually bought it, they wouldn’t do so unless there was a use for it. So what’s the use? Swipp is literally the only thing I can think of.


The Real Achievements of Dragon Age Origins

Personally, I think there should be a Smooth Talker II - Got Sten To Like You Without Gifts.

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I finally got another nest hatched! Brighid turned out to be a very lucky choice of Mommy Dragon.

Guardian Female
Avocado Speckle
Lemon Basic
Forest Basic

Mirror Female
Steel Speckle
Gold Shimmer
Aqua Basic

Mirror Male
Fire Speckle
Fire Shimmer
Swamp Basic

If anyone’s interested in any of them today just let me know! You can message me here or on FR, free to friends and followers today. :)


Fashion! Put It All On Me ➝  Paolo Sebastian f/w 2014-15

I love it.

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Managed to get free of the kitty, and apparently the guys were just over for the afternoon, so everyone’s gone now? At least I can have my normal spot without being rude now.

Okay, so “P.T.” (the name of the demo, I’m assuming it stands for Playable Teaser cause that’s what the credits called it at the end) is pretty fucking cool. I think I’d be a bit too dense to play, unfortunately; too many of the “puzzles” are things like “stand absolutely still until X happens then walk exactly 10 steps, no more no less, and when you hear the giggle call out his name (which the guys seemed convinced had to be “Jareth” but apparently it can be anything with the Ja- sound at the start; no one would answer me why they had to call the Goblin King) and then Y happens so that you can go backward three or four steps to do another puzzle and collect parts that are like, only three pixels of which are visible but you need all of them and I’m shit with tiny details like that.

Okay, that was a bit rambly but that’s also kind of how things happened, too. The guys used a guide on Dave’s play through of the demo, to make sure to get the good/full ending (multiple endings in a demo?). I gotta say, I don’t know what the other ending(s) were, but the full ending of the demo “admits” (as if you don’t know when you download it) that it’s Kojima & DelToro doing Silent Hills, with Norman Reedus as the character (which made me feel so much better cause I spent the entire time I watched them, I was trying to place the voice and I KNEW it but couldn’t place it).

Anyhow, the guys have moved to the living room now, and Mina is very specifically cuddling in ways to try and block my view of the computer so I guess I’m going to cuddle with her and maybe nap.

All finished with my reports, and with 40 minutes to spare!

I’m at home now and one of the guys (I assume Danny) brought over his PS4 and so there are now four guys (including Brian) invading my room cause my TV is the best one here, so it’s the one the PS4 gets used on mine when it’s brought over. I assume when we finally get one of our own, this is where it’ll get connected, unless Brian gets a replacement for his TV (the living room TV).

Anyhow, I think the guys are playing like a Silent Hill demo or something? Survival horror of some sort, at least. At any rate, I can’t go take a nap in the living room cause when they finish with the PS4, they’ll go back to the Ouya in the living room and me napping will take up a whole sofa, and I feel like that’s just rude. And I can’t get on my PC cause one of the guys is sitting in my PC chair and telling him to get up would be rude, too. So I’m gonna sit here with my laptop instead, and when they get done in here I’ll take a nap on the Sumo instead.

Well, I guess I could just go to the bedroom to nap, but that’s just one of those things that feels wrong. You don’t nap in bed. You go to sleep at night in bed. You nap on other furniture, on sofas or in chairs or whatnot.

LMAO some apparition the height of the like, ten foot ceilings came out of no where all skinny and apparitiony and her head was doing like on The Grudge when someone who watched the video appears on any sort of camera, video or photos. Dave tried to leave the fucking house, lol.

Maybe I’ll get the smaller Sumo and put it in here so I can just doze off eventually.