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A few times* a week, Mina becomes convinced that there’s some massive treasure stored in the cushions of either of our sofas. These pics are in order from a period of almost three minutes straight. Note that she’s pushed the first cushion up enough that it’s come undone from the velcro that holds it in place, then she moves to the other cushion, then she decides to check from the top. And no, her head’s not just behind that little blanket in the last picture—it’s actually buried down between the cushions where they meet each other and the back of the sofa.

*I say a “few times” because as you can see, when she’s done with it the cushions are almost always back where they started, since she checks for treasure from above at the end of each search and she’s heavy enough to put them back in place without trying. We actually see her doing this 2-3 times a week, but considering the cushions get put back like this, I’m wondering if it doesn’t happen even more. Also, she’ll attempt to do this while we’re sitting on the cushions as well. 

Edit: LOL, Brian just walked into the living room to find her doing the same to the sofa in there! I guess she decided if the treasure wasn’t in one, it must be in the other?