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Freaking hell I’m so anxious right now. Brian wanted to go get lunch before I got started on my game, so we went out. While out, I got a rather large scare, and now I’m still ridiculously shaky. I’m going to remake our Tabris and get started on her origin, but I’m probably going to stop and nap about halfway through because I’m taking some anxiety meds right now and they tend to put me out. Then, once I finish her origin, I’m switching to the PS3 to play FFX HD Remix whatever. I haven’t played FFX in years, so this should be good. (And it’ll give me something Final Fantasy that I’m not likely to get angry at right away, like I have been with my own inability to keep up with the clock in Lightning Returns.)


Gender swapped Auron - FFX

Cosplayer - Aranel Cosplay (Facebook, Tumblr)

Photography - Myself (Digital Rogue Photography)

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Characters: Cloud Strife and Tifa LockHart

Series: Final Fantasy

Cosplayers: Cloud: Polychromedreams Tifa: Maki Rolle

Photographer: KBV Photography


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My fourth AMV, this was just a fun little experiment in some different syncing techniques. Some worked, some didn’t, but making it was a blast. The “picture book” effect in the beginning took as long to get how I wanted it as the rest of the video combined.

Also another case of WMM trying to screw me over though, unfortunately, and that’s why the quality dips in more than a few places.

Reblogging this today cause the song just came on my player and it’s been too long since I’ve watched the movie, so I’m feeling nostalgic. Maybe I’ll put that in when I get home tonight…

Because I’ve been meaning to rewatch Advent Children and haven’t gotten around to it.


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Yep, NPCs comment on what you are wearing too. I’ve had women hit on me because of the manly costume I was wearing before realizing I was a woman.

Dev team put a lot of thought into how many FF references it can squeeze into, as well. 

I get a lot of those comments on my Red Mage outfit, too. 

I haven’t hte heart to put Lightning in her “might as well be underwear” costumes. But sometimes…. they have good stats. 

What I hear most is “wow, she must be strong!” and “that’s a BIG sword” because I keep her in the SOLDIER gear 90% of the time in battle (only switching so it can recharge), and probably 100% of the time in the field. The other two I have set for her to cycle through in battle are the Savior and Guardian Corps, both recolored to my liking.

Personally, if I can ever figure out how and when the Locke costume unlocks (probably a promo thing when we get to however many Outerworld posts made) I’m probably never taking her out of it.

I was expecting to buy my GC or Etro’s Knight garment, so i was surprised that I could get garments from Outerworld posts and save me the trouble. When in Etro’s Knight garment, i get a lot of Etro references, while in GC I get those “She looks so determined!” comments from peeps. Now those are some nice street comments. 

Yeah, some of them have to be purchased but I think most outfits come via Outerworld milestones? At any rate, I’ve got everything released up to… two weeks ago? I think that’s when I missed a deadline at got mad at myself. I had to put the game down for a little bit then. :p