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So there were a bunch of stalls with meltybead creations but this one was insane.

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futsin replied to your post: “I’ve owned Advent Children Complete on bluray since it came out, and I…”:
Ooo this makes me want to watch now. Will do so this weekend. Groovy. Thanks for the heads up! :D

Netflix only has it subbed, but I prefer it that way. I *don’t* like that they used the English dub script for parts of the subs in the caption version; it seems like a combo of the original sub and the English dub script used for these subs so it’s not as bad as it could be. But it also isn’t as good script as it could be. I’d say… 80/20 good/bad on the script they settled on for the subs.

I’ve owned Advent Children Complete on bluray since it came out, and I only just realized last night when I saw that Advent Children was on Netlfix instant that I never actually watched Complete. I’d started it a few times, on days home sick, but seriously, me bundled up sick (or not) with a pillow and blankets? You guys know I’m not staying awake for whatever’s on TV unless my medicine won’t let me sleep. I’m out like five minutes into the movie. 

So anyway, yeah.The Netflix version of Advent Children is AC: Complete, and while I’d bought it just because I liked the idea of the visuals being updated to reflect damage taken throughout the movie, I love the additional bits of plot—more like extended or deleted scenes, I guess. But scene transitions that were… not so much choppy before as they were sudden… are so much smoother now.

There was one thing I didn’t like about everything being more realistic was the Turks. Not because they retranslated any of their lines or added scenes I disliked (there are brand new scenes between Reno and Rude, but it was more or less relevant). But because Rude would never let his suit get that dirty, that damaged, no matter what fight he got into. I mean yeah, he still has his replacement sunglasses for whenever his current pair get broken, but I didn’t like seeing him with his suit all torn up. Reno, that’s fine. He can get his hands dirty. But Rude has style, man. You can’t mess with a man’s suit like that.

Also: I’m pretty sure they reanimated Rude from beginning to end to look even more like The Rock than he previously did.


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Most Accurate Sephiroth Cosplayer Ever

Never again were gamers so intimidated by a few hundred ambiguously gendered triangles.

I think you mean turned on, not intimidated. Or maybe both at the same time. It was the closest thing we’d ever had to people-shaped people in Final Fantasy, give us a break.

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I got an email yesterday advertising both new shows in the Distant Worlds FF concert tour and a new tour called A New World, I think it is. I’m trying to talk Brian into going to Chicago for the DW that’s scheduled there in August, because it looks like all the specialty, this-performance-only songs are going to be from FF6—Dancing Mad, the Opera, and a “character theme medley” which sounded in the description like it was FF6 character themes only but whether only one game’s or a huge mix of them would be freaking awesome. I want to go so much, but Brian has no interest whatsoever in going to Chicago. (He shut me down the last time I wanted to go to the Chicago show, which was taking place on our wedding anniversary and I told him I didn’t want anything else for anniversary, Christmas, or my birthday if we could just go to that concert. He wasn’t terribly moved. BUT, I got to see one of the two in Atlanta last June so at least I’ve been to at least one of the concerts.)

I swear to fucking god that if this elevator fucking thing in Bevelle temple won’t take me where I want to go ONE MORE FUCKING TIME that my controller’s going INTO the fucking TV screen.


Final Fantasy 7,8,10 (my personal faves) with Pokemon

Revisiting my childhood with another crossover. 


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